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Data visualisation: how can good design transform your data?

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A donut pie chart in the shape of an eye, showing answers to Design102’s survey question: what colour are your eyes? The chart is divided into four eye colours. Brown: 58.7%. Blue: 23.9%. Green: 13%. Hazel: 4.3%.

If your project involves large amounts of data, how you present that information is crucial for ensuring it’s clearly understood. Design102 explain why data visualisation is the design solution you need to make your data more vibrant, engaging and accessible.

Rebrand vs refresh: what’s right for your project?

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6 multi-coloured arrows forming circular shapes

Does your organisation’s image need updating, but you're unsure whether a simple refresh or total rebrand is required? Explore these helpful examples that explain the difference between rebranding and brand refreshes so you can figure out the best option for your project.