We're back

Hello! We know we've been quiet for a while, but we’ve been busy – getting bigger, better and bolder. We’re now ready to share, so come and find out about some of our exciting new changes.

The phrase ‘we're back’ is on a piece of paper. The paper is surrounded by instruments used in the design process including a mobile phone, a camera, a scalpel and ruler, a pencil and a computer mouse. Intermittently, the mobile phone makes a vibrating motion, the computer mouse swishes left to right and back again, the camera flash flashes, a hand places a mug of tea next to the piece of paper, and a pencil sharper sharpens the pencil. The action is repeated on a loop every few seconds.
Design 102 are back animation

We’ve grown

Since 2014 we’ve grown from a team of 14 to a 50-strong agency with all kinds of skills and strengths. As well as designers we now have a superb client team, a video and photography team, animators, artworkers and copywriters. Meet the Design102 team on our website .

We have a new website

Last year we launched our new website. This was designed in-house and made to be fully-accessible and user friendly. If you want to see examples of our work or find out who some of the team are  visit the Design102 website.

We’ve refreshed our brand

The website launch was a good opportunity for us to refresh our brand. As well as a new logo, we’ve created a new illustration style and updated the look of our social media channels. We’ve also set out our mission, vision and values.

We’re going to be posting more content

We'll be focusing on creative ideas, interviews with the team, useful lists and more ... Watch this space for new blog posts coming soon!

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