How to stay creative

Everyone struggles to maintain their creativity sometimes. So it’s worth spending a little time thinking about how to get your creativity flowing, and making sure you’re ready to capture creative ideas when they come.

There’s plenty of advice out there on this topic. I got over 25m results when I Googled “tips for staying creative”. I can’t claim to have looked at all of the results, but here’s my top 10 from the many tips out there.

1. Surround yourself with creative people

Creativity sparks creativity – so surround yourself with creative people. This needn’t be in the workplace. You can find creative people in all sorts of places, from galleries to coffee shops.

2. Stick at it

Sometimes you just need to keep plugging away at the problem. Get something down on the page, and build from there. If it’s not working try another route, but make sure you give yourself enough time to get your ideas out.

Get some exercise
Get some exercise

3. Exercise

On the other hand, sometimes you just need to step away from the problem, and doing some exercise is a great option. Exercise gets your blood flowing, clears the mind and produces endorphins – all of which should help remove your creative block.

4. Listen to music

Inspiration can come from any of the senses, including hearing. Listening to music can change your mood, distract you from the problem and unlock a range of different ideas. And don’t just listen to your usual favourites – try listening to a new artist or genre.

Carry a notebook
Carry a notebook

5. Carry a notebook

Ideas can hit you at any time, so be prepared to note them down before the moment passes. A notebook will also give you opportunities for doodling, sketching and free writing.

6. Take a different route to work

Breaking out of your usual routine can work wonders. Try taking a different route to work every day to make sure you arrive at your desk with a different perspective than yesterday.

7. Get feedback

Getting someone else’s view of your work can put it in a whole different light. Seek feedback, and treat it as a gift – whether it’s positive or negative.

Try something new
Try something new

8. Expose yourself to something new

Nothing keeps you creative like having new experiences. Try eating, or cooking, a cuisine that you don’t normally have. Read a book on a random topic, or watch a film or a documentary. In short, expose yourself to things you wouldn’t normally. Within reason.

9. Practice

Like anything, practice makes perfect. So put some effort into coming up with creative ideas. Brainstorm on anything and everything, and work on developing your creative ‘muscles’.

10. Take a break

Even a few minutes doing something else can shift your perspective. Get away from your desk and make a cup of coffee. Take a short walk. Or read a blog.

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